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Go Girl!

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Being an athlete has taught me discipline, resilience, the value of practice and how to compete. And as legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden used to say, practice doesn’t make perfect. What does?

I was the little girl that dreamt of sports.

There is a National Girls & Women in Sports Day (who knew?), which got me thinking about what sports has meant to me. I was a competitive tennis player as a kid. I worked out every morning before school for YEARS. My father was a college basketball coach and later an entrepreneur focusing on sports. My big brother taught me how to throw a football, hit a baseball, run a sprint. My mom drove me to every match, every tournament. Sports were our lives. And being an athlete taught me about competition, about perseverance, about overcoming obstacles and adversity, about how hard work and practice leads to tangible results. (Remember, practice doesn’t make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect.) Most of all, being an athlete taught me resilience and to never, ever give up. And boy have I needed those skills throughout my adult life. What am I? A writer, a speaker, a creative and not least of all an athlete! Happy NGWSD!



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