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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Tiger Woods came back, despite the irritable back and weathered body, to win his 15th major and first in 11 years. The magic number to catch Jack Nicklaus for most ever majors is now three.

Tiger Woods after winning the Masters, back on the cover of Sports Illustrated, April 2019

I always loved the dominant, fearless, brazen, unapologetically ambitious Tiger. I wanted him to win every tournament, every week. It is not often we get to witness greatness. Past generations had Arnie, and then Jack. We got Tiger. And while he wasn’t flawless, he was awesome to behold. I got to walk 18 holes inside the ropes with him at the PGA championship once. It remains one of my favorite experiences. But this Tiger, the one who won the Masters on Sunday, he’s even more special. He persevered. He endured. He showed us his vulnerabilities. And he never gave up. I love that.

“Very special to win my 15th major and get my fifth jacket. Those are special moments. The rest of the tournaments I didn’t really play as well as I wanted to but at the end of the day, I’m the one with the green jacket.” - Tiger Woods, assessing his 2019 season


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