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Troy Peple,
CEO, Accelerent

"What we look for in a speaker is someone who has accomplished things that we haven’t. But then we want memorable advice that we can take away that is actionable. It’s got to be wrapped into a story that’s going to capture our attention and help us remember it so we can use it effectively in our own lives. Ashley did that. The stories she shared to reinforce her four pillars of life success were really powerful.” 


Todd Gustafson, President Hewlett Packard Federal and Head of US Public Sector

“Special morning with Ashley Fox. Powerful discussion on key pillars in what has made her successful: Relationships, integrity, listening and passion to win. Ashley translated how her experiences and advice can help each of us to be better and ultimately be successful in life and work. One of those discussions where you put down your phone and paid attention. Humble, real and experience-based advice. Loved her perspective.”


Liz Gehringer, COO
Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC

“Ashley's message is entertaining and inspiring. It's powerful to watch her weave her personal anecdotes and experiences in and around professional athletes and coaches with her life's learning about adversity, recovery, professional integrity and building relationships. Ashley speaks about learning by listening, and we learned so much by listening to her!” 


Jill Aller, Event Professional
Chicagoland Risk Management Forum

“It was a pleasure to work with Ashley as a speaker for the 2018 Chicagoland Risk Management Forum. Ashley was very well received by the attendees. They enjoyed her enthusiasm, her stories and genuine passion for not only sports but life! Her positive vibe resonated throughout her speech!” 


Martin Stillman, MD, JD,
The Howie Stillman Young Leadership Fund

“Ashley is unique in her ability to connect with her audience. She shares valuable life lessons while taking you on a captivating journey of her past sports world experiences. She was perfect for our annual event and I highly recommend her as an engaging and knowledgeable speaker.” 


Charlie Young, President and Chief Executive Officer, 
Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC

“Thank you for speaking to our group in Philadelphia. The feedback has been tremendous. I, personally, found you talk to new very meaningful. I enjoyed meeting you.” 


Terri Livingston, Managing Director
Lenoir-Rhyne University Bears Club

“Ashley Fox’s ease and poise as a host for our Bears Club annual dinner was the ticket to success. Ashley’s thorough preparation was obvious as her questions were on point and primed our guest coaches for thoughtful responses. Thanks to Ashley’s professionalism, this dinner program has been described as the best in Lenoir-Rhyne University history by an overwhelming majority of the 380 guests in attendance.”


Steve Piltch, Head of School
The Shipley School

“Ashley Fox is one of the more compelling, thoughtful, and effective speakers I have come across during more than 25 years as the Head of School at Shipley. Blessed with a great mind, a big heart, and many wonderful stories, she has the ability to hold an audience and to deliver important messages for people to think about. We saw this first-hand when she joined Dr. Jim Loehr, well renowned psychologist and best-selling author; Molly Fletcher, author, speaker, former sports agent; Pat Croce, former owner of the 76ers; and Paul Assaiante, world renowned squash coach, pro, and author on stage here at Shipley. She captured the audience in an extraordinarily special way. Her ability to deliver important messages with humor, understanding, and compassion was noticed by everyone who was in the room. Incredibly down to earth and committed, she is able to meet her audience where they are and to move them accordingly.”


Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs head coach and
former Philadelphia Eagles head coach

"Ashley Fox has earned my respect over the last 15 years. We met when she started covering the Philadelphia Eagles in 2003, and her inner toughness to thrive in the competitive Philadelphia media market caught my attention. She worked her way to the top of her profession by having an uncanny ability to feel and understand her subjects. I grew to trust Ashley with information I would not share with others. The process to trust took time. I'm a hard one to break; a bit stubborn at times. Her persistence, timing and preparedness for the topic were important qualities. Ashley is one of the few people that I have met that makes you feel like anything she tries she will be the best at."


Chris Berman,
long-time ESPN NFL Countdown host 

“I’ve known Ashley Fox since she became a regular on the Philadelphia Eagles beat a decade and a half ago. It was a team I was very close with, albeit from a distance. I often relied on Ashley’s eyes, ears and, most importantly, her written words for daily information, although she didn’t know it. Ashley quickly built a reputation for being accurate, fair and honest — even if that truth at times ruffled some feathers. I got to appreciate her first hand when she joined our ESPN team in 2011. She has succeeded in an arena where many others in her shoes would have failed miserably. Her words of wisdom are beneficial on many fronts.” 

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