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Ashley Fox is one of the NFL’s most well respected journalists and a trailblazer in the ego-infused world of sports media. During her 24-year career, including 7 years as a lead NFL reporter and analyst for ESPN, Inc., The Worldwide Leader in Sports, Ashley covered the United States’ most popular sport for the largest sports media network in the world.

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Ashley Fox is a master storyteller who has spent nearly 25 years as a sports journalist earning the trust of the most competitive athletes on the planet. She has seen firsthand the sacrifice and resiliency needed to become a champion, be it as an athlete, a coach or an executive. In her keynotes, Ashley weaves stories about leadership, teamwork, communication, believing in the impossible and competitive drive and shares with the audience how to move the ball on their careers like a pro. Champions aren’t made on game days. They are built over time. Ashley reveals how.

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We all face obstacles. At home. At work. With our relationships. With our business. But some of us are able to overcome those obstacles and others get stuck, trying and failing while riddled with fear. What is the difference between those that succeed and those that fail? How do you overcome obstacles and use them to your advantage? Through her experience covering elite athletes at the highest level of sports, Ashley teaches attendees how to use those obstacles as stepping stones to succeed in both life and business.

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Troy Peple, CEO

What we look for in a speaker is someone who has accomplished things that we haven’t. But then we want memorable advice that we can take away that is actionable. It’s got to be wrapped into a story that’s going to capture our attention and help us remember it so we can use it effectively
in our own lives.
Ashley did that. 

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Chris Berman,ESPN NFL Countdown host

I’ve known Ashley Fox since she became a regular on the Philadelphia Eagles beat a decade and a half ago. She has succeeded in an arena where many others in her shoes would have failed miserably. Her words of wisdom are beneficial on many fronts.

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Andy Reid,
Kansas City Chiefs head coach 

Ashley Fox has earned my respect over the last 15 years. Ashley is one of the few people that I have met that makes you feel like anything she tries she will be the best at.

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Liz Gehringer, COO,
Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC

Ashley's message is entertaining and inspiring. It's powerful to watch her weave her personal anecdotes and experiences in and around professional athletes and coaches with her life's learning about adversity, recovery, professional integrity and building relationships. 

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Todd Gustafson, President Hewlett Packard Federal and Head of US Public Sector

Special morning with Ashley Fox. Powerful discussion on key pillars in what has made her successful: Relationships, integrity, listening and passion to win. Ashley translated how her experiences and advice can help each of us to be better and ultimately be successful in life and work. One of those discussions where you put down your phone and paid attention. 

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